Development of Smart Territories

As an extension of the smart city concept to the rest of the territory, this application area focuses on improving the management of territories through the application of technology, in order to improve and increase the services available to people in an efficient and sustainable way.

We identify the IoT as an enabling technology to develop infrastructures and the design methodologies necessary for the design of services capable of creating an impact in the areas of personal safety, mobility and the efficient management of natural resources (water, energy, agriculture and livestock). 

We have experience in:

  • Creation of IoT monitoring networks distributed throughout the territory (road traffic, environmental conditions, ocean conditions, livestock and agricultural monitoring, etc.) and infrastructures (buildings, tunnels, mines, etc.).
  • IoT and machine learning infrastructure design and deployment (underground water prediction, electric car management, etc.)
  • Redesign and development of services (traffic, energy, etc.).
  • Creation and management of living labs..
  • User awareness for the rational use of resources.

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