Research lines

The group has 2 basic research lines

Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things

We focus our research on all the layers of the IoT: the electronic design of the things, the wireless and location networks, the artificial intelligence techniques specifically designed to run inside embedded systems; the edge devices and and the IoT cloud infrastructures.

Product and service design methodologies

We like to study human / animal interaction and technology; the design of methods based on design thinking, service design, co-design, user-centered design, x-disciplinarity (various levels of multidisciplinarity).

That create value in 2 application areas

Development of "Smart Territories"

As an extension of the smart city concept to the rest of the territory, this application area focuses on improving the management of territories through the application of IoT in order to improve and increase the services available to people in an efficient and sustainable way.

Development of solutions to improve the quality of life

With special emphasis on health, education and welfare of people (and also animals), we have large experience in combining IoT with design methodologies in the development of disruptive IoT products (wearables and monitoring systems), cloud-based services and high value-added mobile applications.
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