Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things

We focus our research on all the layers of the IoT:


the electronic design of the things -the dust of the IoT- with an emphasis on 

  • sensorization technologies, 
  • ultra-low power systems and 
  • energy harvesting from the environment; 

the wireless and location networks that provide communications in heterogenous rough scenarios such as the mountains, the ocean, underground, dense urban areas, buildings, etc. We enjoy evaluating the latest technologies as they appear (5G, ZigBee, Thread, BLE, LoraWAN, Sigfox, etc.) and their application to IoT; 

the artificial intelligence techniques specifically designed to run inside microcontrollers embedded systems (machine learning, pattern recognition, data compression and codification, etc.);


the electronic design of edge gateways and their intelligence -key elements for efficient deployment- where devices integrate, interoperate and connect with the cloud;  


IoT cloud infrastructures where the devices are managed, sensor data is received, visualized and value is created using machine learning.

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