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Luis A. Mizquez Corona

PhD Student


Originally from Mexico, Luis A. Mizquez obtained his engineering degree in Electronics Technology Engineering back in 2014 at the University of Sonora. After that, In 2015, he moved to the port of Ensenada to study his Master’s Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications with orientation in control and instrumentation at Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada (CICESE). For his Master’s thesis he defended the work “RF/microwave energy harvesting in Front-End systems using a directional filter” and obtained his degree in 2018.

His research interests are mainly in instruments and technology  for  aquatic  environments  monitoring and variable measurements but his studies have brought him to different topics like sensors, telecommunications technologies, energy harvesting, RF circuits and filters design/simulation.

As of today, Luis is a PhD student  doing his thesis research in HOWLab.  He got accepted into the PhD in Electronics Engineering program at the University of Zaragoza back in 2018 and moved to Zaragoza in 2019 to begin working on his project. 



Mizquez, Luis; Lobato-Morales, Humberto; Chávez-Pérez, RA; Medina-Monroy, JL

RF/Microwave Energy Harvesting System in a Front-End using a Directional Filter Artículo en actas

En: 2019 International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Computers (CONIELECOMP), pp. 27-30, 2019, ISSN: 2474-9044.

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